The mission of Fellows for Life is to create a growing cohort of health and human service professionals who are leaders in service, and whose sense of personal and professional mission and source of deepest satisfaction comes from:

• working in, and with, underserved communities in ways that have enduring value;
• supporting and inspiring one another in forging and sustaining lifelong paths of service;
• encouraging institutions and professions to promote service as a core value.

After they successfully complete their initial Fellowship year, Schweitzer Fellows continue their journeys of service as members of the Schweitzer Fellows for Life alumni network — which now includes nearly 3,000 physicians, nurses, lawyers, public health specialists, social workers, pharmacists, occupational therapists, and other leaders in health-related fields. Click here for statistics about the Fellows for Life network.

The Fellows for Life network includes alumni of ASF’s 11 U.S. programs, as well as those who have served as Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellows in Africa.


There are a variety of ways in which Fellows for Life remain engaged with ASF. Activities include the annual Schweitzer Leadership Conference, regional networking and skills building events, participating in local programs’ events, mentoring a current Fellow, serving on selection committees for new Fellows, and serving on local programs’ advisory boards.

ASF also offers online resources for Fellows for Life to help support and inspire one another in lives of service.

ASF is using Facebook and Twitter as ways to keep in touch and help Fellows for Life network with each other.

This is an interactive, searchable database of all Schweitzer Fellows and Fellows for Life, including their activities as a Fellow, as well as their ongoing career interests, professional pursuits, funding sources, and contact information.  This is accessible to all Fellows, Fellows for Life through the website. 

For assistance with usernames and passwords or for more information about the activities of our Fellows for Life, please contact

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