download (3)

Cristina Alcorta, Geisel School of Medicine
Partnering with Dismas House, Cristina will organize a network of medical school volunteers to provide support and advocacy for individuals transitioning back into the community after incarceration.
Community Site: Dismas House, Hartford, VT

download (1) download (8)

Kimberly Betts, Nicole Moraco, Geisel School of Medicine
Kimberly and Nicole will help local seniors to keep healthy and active in body and mind through weekly exercise classes, nutrition workshops, and participation in the Memory Café.
Community Site: Aging Resource Center, Lebanon, NH


Escar Kusema, Jose Porras, Geisel School of Medicine
Working in partnership with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic, Escar and Jose will expand free health clinic services in the Upper Valley. Using the newly established clinic at The Upper Valley Haven as a model, they plan to bring primary care services to other local organizations serving underserved families and individuals.
Community Site: Good Neighbor Health Clinic and Upper Valley Haven, Wilder, VT

download (4) download (5)

TingJia Lorigiano, Emi Manuia, Geisel School of Medicine
TingJia and Emi will create “Girl Power” mentoring program at Indian River School. By establishing peer-mentor relationships between 6th grade girls and 8th and 10th grade role models, they will empower the girls with skills to develop their confidence, healthy behaviors, and leadership skills.
Community Site: Indian River School, Enfield, NH

download (6) download (7)

Lars Matkin, David Whitehead, Geisel School of Medicine
Lars and David will develop a mentoring program that matches high school boys with 5th/6th grade boys in Lebanon, NH. Designed to develop self-esteem, responsibility and a sense of purpose for the middle schoolers, this program will also foster an appreciation for exercise and the environment.
Community Site: Carter Community Building, Lebanon, NH

download (2)

Alicia Artessa, Vermont Law School
Alicia will provide support, guidance, and friendship to children with special needs and their families, while at the same time increasing community understanding of the issues facing this population.
Community Site: TBD

download (9)

Rachael Delehanty, Vermont Law School
Rachael will develop and expand the VLS Buddies mentoring program, which matches students at South Royalton School with buddies at VLS.
Community Site: One Planet Afterschool Program, South Royalton, VT

download (10)

Noura Eltabbakh, Vermont Law School
Working in partnership with the Vermont Superior Court, Noura will provide advocacy and support to survivors of sexual assault who are seeking legal protection.
Community Site: HOPE Works , Burlington, VT



download (12)

Melissa Shapiro, Vermont Law School
Melissa will address hunger and food insecurity in South Royalton. Her project aims to: raise community awareness of hunger and nutrition issues; advocate on a state level for assistance; educate vulnerable populations on the importance of good nutrition; and help families locate the resources that will provide more secure access to nutritious food.
Community Site: Hunger Free Vermont, Burlington, VT

download (13)

Rachel Glikin, Thayer School of Engineering
Rachel will help children ages 6 to 9 to develop their interest in engineering and science by introducing the junior FIRST Lego League in area elementary schools.
Community Site: Marion Cross School, Norwich, VT

download (14)

Hilary Cessna, UNH School of Law
Hilary will provide a self-advocacy program for young women designed to empower participants to advocate for themselves in an effective and respectful manner.
Community Site: TBD

download (15) download (16)

Charles Shockley, Penina Wallace, UNH School of Law
Charles and Penina will help individuals experiencing homelessness get back on their feet by addressing one or more of the problems this population may face, including shelter, safety, employment, health care and/or legal assistance.
Community Site: TBD

download (17) download (18)

Leah Cipri, Matthew Shear, UVM College of Medicine
Leah and Matthew will implement a confidential SMS texting service to disseminate medically accurate reproductive and sexual health information to LGBTQ youth across Vermont.
Community Site: Outright VT, Burlington, VT

download (19) download (20)

Jia Xin Jessica Huang, Alejandro UVM College of Medicine
Jessica and Alejandro will improve access to health care for Latino migrant farmworkers in Vermont by disseminating preventative health information and connecting the workers to available regional health services.
Community Site: Bridges to Health, Burlington, VT

download (21) download (22)

Mary Ledoux, Laura Leonard, UVM College of Medicine
With the goals of increasing knowledge, changing attitudes, building skills, and empowerment, Mary and Laura will conduct workshops for teen girls in Winooski, VT.
Community Site: Winooski Teen Center, Winooski, VT

download (23) download (24)

Christopher Mayhew, Carl Nunziato, UVM College of Medicine
Christopher and Carl will expand access to support services for VT veterans with trauma, PTSD and other disorders who are not obtaining care through the VA system.
Community Site: VT Veteran’s Services, Jail Diversion/Trauma Recovery Program, Burlington, VT

download (25)

Erin Pichiotino, UVM College of Medicine
Erin will strengthen and continue to develop “Aging Well,” a pilot program whose aim is to empower seniors to take control of their health and well-being.
Community Site: Support and Services at Home (SASH), Burlington, VT

download (26) download (27)

Amy Schumer, Syed Shehab, UVM College of Medicine
Amy and Syed will promote the health and well being of adults with developmental disabilities by conducting workshops designed to improve their ability to advocate for their health care needs.
Community Site: Howard Center, Burlington, VT



Ilda Bajraktari, Geisel School of Medicine
Ilda designed and implemented a bi-weekly exercise class to help adults between the ages of 65-85 strengthen their bodies, improve their mobility, and better their balance.
Community Site: Aging Resource Center in Lebanon, NH.

Randi Bouchard, UNH School of Law
Randi reorganized Teen Court in order to expand the numbers of teenagers served and further develop the connection with students at UNH School of Law.
Community Site:  Juvenile Diversion Program, Merrimack County, NH

Christine Breuer and Erik Andrews, Geisel School of Medicine
Christine and Erik continued and expanded the health screening and education program put in place by Schweitzer Fellows in 2012-2013 at the Claremont Soup Kitchen. They also worked with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic to establish a new satellite in Claremont to serve uninsured individuals who lack the resources to travel to White River Junction for health care.
Community Site:  Claremont Soup Kitchen, Claremont, NH

Laurie Delatour, Geisel School Of Medicine
By providing afterschool cooking and nutrition education for youth whose families are experiencing food insecurity, Laurie taught children about the importance of good nutrition and helped them develop good eating habits that will have lasting effects on their health and wellbeing.
Community Site:  The Haven, White River Junction, VT

Benjamin Gustafson and Charlie Becker, Vermont Law School
Charlie and Ben connected middle high/school students in Bethel, VT with student mentors and role models at VT Law School. They encouraged teens to recognize the importance of education for a healthy and prosperous life and get kids interested in going to college from an early age.
Community Site: Bethel, VT, Middle/High School

Juli Hincks and Courtney Gray, UNH School of Law
Juli and Courtney designed and implemented a life skills curriculum for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The curriculum addressed life management and self-care skills such as personal finance, stress management, and resume writing, with an experiential healing focus.
Community site: Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire, Concord, NH

Emily Laine, Vermont Law School
Emily designed and carried out a weekly food and agriculture radio show. Programming addressed topics such as sustainable agriculture, local food production, self sufficiency, and food insecurity.
Community site:  Royalton Community Radio

Kelly Michaelsen, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
Kelly fostered connections between students and seniors through intergenerational programming at the Bugbeen Senior Center.
Community Site:  Bugbee Senior Center, White River Junction, VT

Nez Nesbitt and Katia Chavez, UVM College of Medicine
Katia and Nez improved access to health services for migrant Hispanic farm workers living in Lamoille County, Vermont. They assisted local health workers in delivering culturally competent services.
Community Site: Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley, Morrisville VT

Shravan Rao and Luke Neill, UVM College of Medicine
Shravan and Luke designed and implemented an integrative computer literacy program for low-income/homeless guests at the Burlington Emergency Shelter.
Community Site:  Burlington Emergency Shelter, Burlington, VT

Christiaan Rees and Ben Hills, Geisel School of Medicine
By developing the patient Health Desk, Chris and Ben improved and increased patient access to help with basic needs that determine health such as food, shelter, legal support and transportation.
Community Site:  Good Neighbor Health Clinic

Reiko Sakai and Matthew Lin, UVM College of Medicine
Reiko and Matt designed and delivered sexual health education specific to the needs of LGBTQ youth.
Community Site: Outright VT, Burlington, VT

William Thompson and Sarah Johnson, UVM College of Medicine
Billy and Sarah created a hands-on, classroom, and community outreach curriculum that gives at-risk youth the opportunity to learn vegetable gardening skills, how to maintain a chicken coop, and how to prepare nutritious, affordable, and accessible meals that they can bring back to their families and larger community.
Community Site:  Soar Learning Center, St. Albans, VT

Leslie Wenning and Janel Martir, UVM College of Medicine
Partnering with Northern Lights, Leslie and Janel created an art curriculum and executed an art program for women transitioning into Chittenden County after incarceration. The art program created a supportive social environment in which the women felt safe expressing themselves through art activities, promoted healthy coping strategies through art, and encouraged self-reflection through the art-making process.
Community Site: Northern Lights, Burlington, VT

Muhammad Zain-ul-Abideen and Charis Ripley-Hager, Geisel School of Medicine
Partnering with Upper Valley Farm to School and UV HEAL, Zain and Charis implemented a healthy living curriculum at the Romano Circle afterschool program that included creating a community garden, and programming that encouraged the children to appreciate ideas about healthy diet and active living through fun games and tasks.
Community Site:  Lebanon Housing Authority’s Romano Circle


Abdelghany and Samantha Batman, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Abdelghany and Batman provided health education to low-income individuals and families at community dinners.
Community Site: Claremont Soup Kitchen

Zoe Agoos and Ian McDaniels, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Agoos and McDaniels developed and implemented a training program to enable Bhutanese refugee elders in Burlington to serve as patient navigators for their community members within the local health care system.
Community Site: Community Health Centers of Burlington

Chris Beeler and Andree Koop, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Beeler and Koop motivated kids to get outside and be active during the winter months by leading outdoor trips and teaching healthy cooking classes.
Community Site: Upper Valley Trails Alliance

Benjamin Brown and Laurel Wickberg, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Brown and Wickberg created an enrichment program for individuals suffering from dementia.
Community Site: Visiting Nurse Association

Juliana Castedo and Sadie Marden, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Castedo and Marden provided cooking and nutrition lessons to families living in two subsidized housing projects in New Hampshire and Vermont.
Community Site: Lebanon Housing Authority

Jessie Evangelista and Janet Trang, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Evangelista and Trang developed and implemented a neonatal matching program that pairs current NICU families with NICU graduate families.
Community Site: Fletcher Allen Health Center

Kelly Everhart and Nicole Nakamaru, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Everhart and Nakamaru improved the physical and emotional health of young mothers facing economic and personal challenges by promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.
Community Site: The Family Place

Sarah Gardner and Emily Rosen, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Through multi-cultural pre-natal classes, Gardner and Rosen bridged the gap between birthing practices in Burlington refugee communities and in American culture.
Community Site: Visiting Nurse Association Family Room

Tamar Goldberg, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Goldberg created an in-home program to provide respite care for families of children with special medical needs.
Community Site: Vermont Family Network

Rezwan Khan, Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering
Khan expanded the capacity of non-profits and social service organizations in the Upper Valley area by creating a group of students from different disciplines at Dartmouth who provided consulting services.
Community Site: Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship

Daniel Liebowitz and Ariel Solaski, Vermont Law School
Liebowitz and Solaski launched an LPFM radio station for Royalton, Vermont and surrounding towns with programming that emphasizes community health and well-being. The radio station served as a platform for community members of all ages and interests to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in discussion.
Community Site:  TBD

Nadeem Modan, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Modan increased uninsured people’s access to social services and updated the Good Neighbor Health Clinic’s resource guide.
Community Site: Good Neighbor Health Clinic

Stephanie Peters, Vermont Law School
Peters grew the client and volunteer base and raised  community visibility for Rutland Volunteer Garden Service, a program launched by Schweitzer Fellow M. Kate Thomas, that that pairs teens and seniors to provide gardening help and promote cross-generation connections.
Community Site: Rutland Volunteer Garden Service

David Qian and Rifat Zaman, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
Qian and Zaman revitalized and expanded an education and mentoring support network for at-risk youth experiencing homelessness and substance abuse issues.
Community Site: The Junction: Listen’s Teen Life Skills Center

Robin Seila, Vermont Law School
Seila implemented yoga and meditation programming for senior citizens and cancer patients.
Community Site: Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Lina Shayo, University of New Hampshire School of Law
Shayo helped recent African immigrant women access healthcare in Manchester, NH. Working with community leaders, she developed a plan to address language barriers and improve communication between doctors and patients in local hospitals.
Community Site:  TBD

Scott Whitaker, University of New Hampshire School of Law
Whitaker encouraged underserved high school students to develop leadership skills and expose them to the legal profession by developing a mock trial team program to be implemented at under-resourced high schools lacking the funding or time to run one on their own.
Community Site:  TBD

Karen White, Vermont Law School
White partnered with Have Justice-Will Travel (founded by Schweitzer Fellow Wynona Ward) to help provide legal assistance for victims of domestic violence.
Community Site: Have Justice-Will Travel

Natalie Wicklund, Vermont Law School
Wicklund educated high school students in the Upper Valley area about dating violence, with the goal of reducing such instances.
Community Site: Safeline


Katherine Anderson, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Anderson provided health education for pregnant and parenting women struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues.
Community Site:
Lund Family Center

Elizabeth Blasberg and Mairin Jerome, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Blasberg and Jerome worked to improve access to basic services for Burlington’s refugee population.
Community Site: TBD

Peter Cooch and Anastasia Coutinho, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Cooch and Coutinho delivered comprehensive, culturally competent health literacy education to refugee groups in Burlington.
Community Site: Community Health Center of Burlington

Christine Dehnert and Joyothi Ravindra, Dartmouth Medical School
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellows
Dehnert and Ravindra created and implemented a nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle education program for young mothers and babies. They integrated the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown, a health promotion initiative based on evidence-based messaging emphasizing healthy nutritional choices and behaviors.
Community Site: TBD

Theodore Fetter, Vermont Law School
Fetter addressed environmental health by working with landlords in South Royalton, Vermont to improve energy efficiency, and bring the “community greening” model to other towns in the state.
Community Site: Efficiency Vermont

Hannah Foote and George “Bud” Vana, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Foote and Vana provided information about childhood immunizations to underserved pregnant women and their partners.
Community Site: Vermont Department of Health

Christie Gallagher, University of New Hampshire School of Law
Gallagher increased understanding of, and support for, the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among health professionals.
Community Site: TBD

Kevin McNerney, Dartmouth Medical School
McNerney implemented an education and mentoring program for teens struggling with substance abuse issues.
Community Site: Second Growth

Ashley Miller and Alyson Guillet, University of Vermont College of Medicine
Miller and Guillet created a program that trains volunteers to work with geriatric inpatients at risk for dementia.
Community Site: Fletcher Allen Health Care

Sarah Mooney, Vermont Law School
Mooney improved land use management for the Department of Corrections in Windsor, Vermont.
Community Site: Vital Communities

Ida Nininger, Vermont Law School
Nininger empowered adults with special needs by working with them to create a greeting card initiative.
Community Site: Zack’s Place

Kirsten Orloff and Whitney Hitchcock, Dartmouth Medical School
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellows
Orloff and Hitchcock implemented a health, nutrition, and fitness education program for young mothers and babies. They integrated  the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown, a health promotion initiative based on evidence-based messaging emphasizing healthy nutritional choices and behaviors.
Community Site: The Family Place

Vikram Patel, Vermont Law School
Patel created a food pantry—with an emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating education—in South Royalton, Vermont.
Community Site: Red Dorr Thrift Shop

Brenda Ratemo, Dartmouth Medical School
Ratemo created and carried out a tutoring and mentoring program with ESL students at Lebanon High School.
Community Site: Lebanon High School

Kimberly Reeve and Alex Samuels, University of New Hampshire School of Law
Reeve and Samuels empowered New Hampshire residents to take control of their own health by distributing consumer protection information and resources.
Community Site: TBD

M. Kate Thomas, Vermont Law School
Thomas mobilized a core of youth volunteers dedicated to improving senior citizens’ health and quality of life by assisting them with essential services.
Community Site: Sustainable Rutland

Cindy Tsai, Dartmouth Medical School
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellow
Tsai brought nutrition education to daycares throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. She plans to integrate the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown, a health promotion initiative based on evidence-based messaging emphasizing healthy nutritional choices and behaviors.
Community Site: TBD

Edmund Tsui and Sandolsam Cha, Dartmouth Medical School
Tsui and Cha promoted visual health by implementing a vision screening program for  uninsured adults.
Community Site: Good Neighbor Health Clinic


Irina Archipova-Jenkins, Vicash Dindwall, UVM College of Medicine
Archipova-Jenkins and Dindwall aim to empower refugees in the Burlington, Vermont area by creating a culturally competent health literacy workshop series that will be incorporated into an existing English Language Acquisition and Adaptation Program at the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. Community Site: Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

Burke Bourne, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Bourne will work to establish a program of restorative justice in New Hampshire aimed at providing crime victims with greater satisfaction with the justice system, and showing criminal offenders the human impact of their actions. This voluntary program will allow the victims of criminal actions to meet with the offender, discuss how the crime affected them, and work with the offender to develop a plan for restitution. Community Site: TBD

Krista Buckley, Kuang-Ning Huang, UVM College of Medicine
Buckley and Huang plan to improve the maternal and reproductive health of Burlington’s Somali-Bantu refugee population by creating a culturally competent mothers-to-mothers network. The network will pass on information and advice relating to maternal and reproductive health, especially pre-natal care, options for delivery, family planning, complications, newborn care, lactation, and post-partum depression. Community Site: TBD

Broc Burke, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
Burke aims to address pediatric health by providing a mentoring experience for children with chronic illness who are staying at David’s House, along with their siblings. Burke will recruit mentors from both Thayer School of Engineering and the Dartmouth College varsity athletic teams, providing a breadth of experiences to enrich the lives of David’s House residents. Community Site: David’s House

Kelly Connolly, Vermont Law School

Connolly aims to improve the health status of local elderly individuals by implementing a pet therapy visitation program. The presence of companion animals has been found to confer remarkable physiological, psychological, and emotional benefits—especially with lonely, isolated, and ill individuals—and this program will seek to maximize that healing presence. Community Site: TBD

Karl Dietrich, Holly Schroeder, Dartmouth Medical School
Dietrich and Schroeder will work to improve access to health care for the migrant farm worker community employed in the Upper Valley dairy industry. They will partner with dairy farmers in New Hampshire and Vermont and the professional staff at the Little Rivers Clinics in Orange County, VT to provide direct care for these migrant workers and their families. Community Site: Little Rivers Health Care

Mae Dunn, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Dunn aims to improve future professionals’ access to information about transgender and transsexual (“trans”) identities. By educating students at various professional schools in New Hampshire and Vermont about trans identities, Dunn hopes to empower emerging professionals to provide compassionate, well-informed care and services to an often misunderstood community. Community Site: TBD

Sarah Durante, Dartmouth Medical School
Durante will address the health care experiences of people with physical and intellectual disabilities by supplying future health professionals with the skills and knowledge to deliver such experiences effectively. She aims to develop an elective course focused on caring for special needs populations at Dartmouth Medical School. Community Sites: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center; The Special Needs Support Center

Delia French, Erica Pasciullo, UVM College of Medicine
French and Pasciullo plan to address refugee health by conducting a medical orientation program for a target group of refugees living in the Champlain Valley, VT area. The program will cover five basic topics pertaining to health care in America. Sessions will be led by first-year medical students and will empower marginalized refugee groups to participate in their own health care and navigate the American system, while also providing medical students with an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to communicate with patients across cultural and language barriers. Community Site: Community Health Center

Matthew Graf, UVM College of Medicine

Graf plans to address pediatric health and literacy by improving and expanding Bedside Brainiacs, a program established by Schweitzer Fellow Piyush Gupta that offers daily tutoring to pediatric inpatients to help them keep up with their school work while receiving medical treatment. Graf plans to create and implement a sustainable project design, increase program awareness at the hospital, and pursue expansion into the geriatric population. Community Site: Fletcher Allen Health Care

Renee Gregory, Vermont Law School
Gregory aims to address the needs of rural domestic abuse victims by working with the Have Justice-Will Travel legal staff to provide direct services for clients. Additionally, she will research the development of a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) module within northern Windsor and Orange County.  The CCR module creates a protocol for communication between agencies and organizations dealing with issues of domestic abuse, increasing their overall effectiveness in preventing violence and responding to situations of abuse. Community Site: Have Justice -Will Travel (launched by Schweitzer Fellow Wynona Ward)

Naveen Krishnan, Evan Lebovitz, Dartmouth Medical School
Krishnan and Lebovitz aim to develop a program that will improve health care for individuals with mental health issues living in the Upper Valley. Through their program, Dartmouth Medical students will work with psychiatrists to screen and interview mental health patients in several different settings. Ultimately, Krishnan and Lebovitz aim to develop and integrate a mental health module into the first-year On-Doctoring curriculum at Dartmouth Medical School. Community Sites: Good Neighbor Health Clinic; West Central Behavioral Health

Suzannah Luft, Dartmouth Medical School
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellow
Luft will address the health of children and adults with special needs by running an outdoor summer arts program for them. The program will include a focus on healthy behaviors and draw on the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown. It will culminate with a community arts festival on the town green and a collaborative sculptural project. Additionally, Luft will work with Voices of Children at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to incorporate reflection through art into children’s hospital experiences during clinic days. Community Site: AVA Gallery and Art Center

Claire McKenna, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellow
McKenna aims to combat health issues like obesity and diabetes by creating cooking classes and spreading nutritional awareness and information to under-resourced people living in the Upper Valley, incorporating the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown.
Community Site: Upper Valley Haven; Willing Hands

Maximilian Merrill, Vermont Law School
Merrill will address the mental and physical health needs of at-risk youth by creating an outdoor mentoring program that aims to mitigate “nature deficiency disorder.” With the help of volunteer mentors, the youth will learn to tie flies, understand ecology, try their hand at fly casting, and participate in flyfishing expeditions. Community Site: TBD

Stephanie Pan, Dartmouth Medical School

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation Schweitzer Fellow
Pan aimed to improve the overall health of un- and underinsured Upper Valley residents and their families by creating and expanding a dental education program at the Red Logan Dental Clinic. The program provided information about proper dental hygiene, nutrition (including the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Kids Countdown), and smoking/tobacco cessation so that after un- and underinsured individuals receive dental services, they are empowered to maintain their oral health for a longer period of time. Community Site: Red Logan Dental Clinic

Emily Rumora, Amy Thomas, Dartmouth Medical School
Rumora and Thomas plan to address issues of depression, domestic violence, and substance abuse in prenatal patients by creating a sustainable screening program at the Little Rivers clinics and Cottage Hospital. In addition to providing screenings, the program will examine the effectiveness of those screenings for providers and patients; connect at-risk women with available community resources; and work to address barriers to accessing those resources. Community Site: Little Rivers Health Care

Allison Silverman, Vermont Law School
Silverman plans to improve environmental and community health by partnering with local certified energy auditors and Efficiency Vermont to initiate home energy audits and weatherization improvements in the Vermont Law School community. Silverman aims to promote energy efficiency and encourage local partnerships. Community Site: Dartmouth Energy Collaborative; Campus Greening Committee

Michelle Tarnelli, Vermont Law School

Tarnelli aims to improve the safety and health of children in Vermont by developing an awareness program with Vermont officials that will tour school districts throughout the state. Tarnelli will develop on-site student committees that will aid in leading school initiatives to increase awareness of child abduction, and support efforts to bring home missing children in Vermont and nationwide. Additionally, she plans to engage local cyclists and athletes to launch Vermont’s first Ride for Missing Children. Community Site: TBD

Cristine Velazco, UVM College of Medicine
Velazco aims to address the health of children with special health needs by developing an extracurricular community-based program providing organized recreational activities for them. The program will provide opportunities for the children to take part in activities, such as art or music, that are adapted to their unique needs, and to interact with their peers through the help of volunteers. The program will also seek to encourage interdisciplinary volunteerism among various UVM disciplines, such as medical, physical therapy, social work, and pre-medical students. Community Site: TBD


Shahid A. Ali and Dipak B. Ramkumar, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Health Clinic: Create a sustainable Cardiovascular disease Awareness and Risk Reduction Education (CARRE) program specifically targeting the five leading causes for increased cardiovascular disease risk, including: hypertension,
hypercholesterolemia, smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity.  With intensive support and education, this program will help participants to adopt the following five behaviors for heart healthy living: maintenance of a healthy weight and heart-healthy diet, regular
physical activity programs, tobacco addiction counseling, blood pressure and cholesterol control, and stress management.

Meredith Bartelstein and Kolene McDade, Dartmouth Medical School
DHMC:  Expand SWIM CHAMPS, a program, which seeks to empower children, and adolescents who have been diagnosed with asthma to become educated and confident partners in the management of their chronic disease through swimming. Using fun challenges in the pool as well as classroom sessions, teach the children to know their limits and understand how their disease affects them, but not to be afraid of physical activity.  By understanding asthma as well as the tools and strategies to manage it, children will gain important skills they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Anna Eley and Bill Fletcher, Dartmouth Medical School
Upper Valley Trails Alliance:  Expand and develop Outdoor Odyssey, an outdoor recreation and wilderness education program for middle school students who have limited access to outdoor experiences.  Integrate group activities with workshops and presentations in a supportive, interactive setting. Promote an appreciation of the outdoors, positive interests and activities, and an active and healthy lifestyle for the participants.

Stephanie Kim and Begem Lee, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Health Clinic:  Expand a case-management diabetes program for high-risk patients who face socioeconomic barriers to regular checkups and counseling.  Follow the care of current diabetes patients coming to monthly diabetes clinics at GNHC, and help them to establish and keep track of individualized health goals. Create a sustainable program and a chronic care model for GNHC with ongoing assessment to measure how the program is affecting patient progress.

Greg McKelvey, Michael Woodworth, Dartmouth Medical School
The Haven:  Conduct regular baking classes at the Upper Valley Haven, at schools, and in the community to teach people to make and enjoy their own wholegrain bread as a simple and sustainable way to address hunger in the Upper Valley. We will also bake weekly at the community brick oven in Norwich, Vermont and donate the loaves to the Haven.  Our goal is 500 loaves for this year.

Daniel Abelson, Franklin Pierce Law Center
New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning: Create an alternative energy initiative designed to interpret the meaning of renewable energy statutes, and inform local government officials about renewable energy benefits created by new legislative measures.

Yashekia Simpkins, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Juvenile Justice Advocacy:  Work on the DMC (Disproportionate Minority Contact) Project with the New Hampshire Minority Health Coalition. The DMC Project was established in response to the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act and exists to reduce the disproportionate amount of contact between the juvenile members of minority groups and the juvenile justice system.  Include the Franklin Pierce Law Center student population in efforts to break down communication barriers between the juvenile population and the legal system.

David Drennan, Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth
COVER Home Repair: Quantify the reduction of carbon emission that results from COVER’s weatherization work.  Interview families whose homes have been serviced to gather meaningful data for cost to carbon-saving analysis.  With this information, organizations may purchase carbon credits by donating to COVER.

Alex Folk and Megan Malgeri, UVM College of Medicine
UVM College of Medicine: Improve the existing environmental health education curriculum at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and to establish new formalized and non-formalized environmental health curricula. In addition, engage in
environmental health education outreach targeted towards medically underserved populations in the Burlington, Vermont area.

Piyush Gupta, UVM College of Medicine
Fletcher Allen Health Care:  Develop Bedside Brainiacs, a program designed to minimize the educational gap caused by hospitalization for children, especially for those who are chronically ill. The program will accomplish this goal by providing daily tutoring during a hospital stay, ensuring that the children will not miss their class assignments. Tutoring will also reinforce previously learned material and will allow children to engage in daily cognitive activities.

Derek Huang, UVM College of Medicine
Community Health Center: Create Project HOPE (Health Outreach & Prevention Education) to address the health needs of the underserved (especially refugee) communities. Empower underserved community members to take control of their health care needs and educate them on ways to live healthier lives.  Train the next generation of student leaders interested in health care to become engaged in public service.

Michael McQuiggan, UVM College of Medicine
Crisis Intervention Team:  Work with police, local courts, veteran’s organizations and mental health institutions to further develop effective procedures and programs aimed at diverting mentally ill criminals from prison, and ensuring they receive the psychiatric treatment that they need.

Jane Roberts and Heather Viani, UVM College of Medicine
Cathedral Square Corporation:  Survey independently living seniors to determine their greatest fall risks. Develop a program to reduce falls among seniors and keep them living independently for longer.

Lisa Campion, Vermont Law School
Create Vermont Youth Advisory Council (VYAC), which will be a way for Vermont youth to explore opportunities within the realm of youth advocacy and governance.  VYAC will become a statewide non-profit organization that is dedicated to a mission of promoting statewide youth leadership opportunities for a group of twenty to twenty-five youth, selected each year, between the ages of 13-19 to identify, research, and present their opinions on a Vermont environmental issue to the Vermont State Legislature.

Amanda George, Vermont Law School
Work with existing VT and NH domestic violence resources and middle/high schools to create and implement educational programs targeting teen dating violence. Use age appropriate classroom activities and open discussion to raise awareness and help empower teens in abusive dating relationships.

Kirby Keeton, Vermont Law School
The Everybody Project brings environmental awareness and frequently excluded groups together through green jobs and volunteer opportunities. Compile information on green opportunities in the region and convey that information to those unlikely to have access to it. The anticipated result is to make environmentalism more diverse and improve the lives of those with fewer opportunities.

Codi Raymond, Vermont Law School
Mascoma Legal Resource Center:  Incorporate Mascoma Legal Resource Center into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and work on fundraising.  Non-profit status will increase credibility and recognition within the community as well as provide tax benefits to donors.  This will increase the ability to raise funds for the center and aid in its longevity and ability to serve the community now and in the future.

Louisa Yanes, Vermont Law School
Rural Vermont:  Research existing legislation and write new legislation that will create direct markets for family farmers to sell value-added produce.  If passed, this legislation will create a significant economic opportunity for small Vermont farmers and would be the first of its kind in the country.

2008- 2009

Laura Amar-Dolan, Dartmouth Medical School, DHMC
Laura plans to create an educational support group for children with asthma and their families in the Upper Valley region of NH and VT. The focus of the group will be on helping children understand and manage their own asthma.

Boris Arbit and Matt Ippolito, Dartmouth Medical School
Boris and Matt will be working with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic to identify individuals and families with food insecurity throughout the Upper Valley. Address the under-utilization of community emergency programs and government programs by this group by raising awareness and facilitating access. Develop organizational tools to sustain these efforts, with the aim of establishing a Dartmouth-based volunteer Upper Valley Food Access group.

Paul Ballenger, Vermont Law School
Paul will be working with People Helping Improve South Royalton”s Health (PHISH) to bring essential health services and other related resources into the South Royalton community.  He plans to establish a community operated nonprofit organization that will ensure that the local community”s needs will continue to be met, educate the community about available resources and how the community can access these resources, and establish connections with other nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies for community support

Alissa Curda and Liz Killien, Dartmouth Medical School
Alissa and Liz will be working with Upper Valley Trails Alliance on Outdoor Odyssey, an outdoor education program that will provide opportunities to middle school students who have limited access to outdoor experiences. They will collaborate with the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and the Dartmouth Outdoor Programs to integrate outdoor activities with workshops and presentations in an interactive group
experience, aiming to inspire students to appreciate the outdoors, choose positive interests and activities, and adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Lise Daniels, Vermont Law School
Lise will be working with Mascoma Legal Assistance to verify and clarify the need for lower-income legal aid within the 5 towns of the Mascoma school administrative unit (Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grafton, and Orange). Through working both with social service agencies within the area and with legal entities outside of the area, she will assess the possibilities for a cooperative arrangement to create a satellite legal clinic in the Mascoma Valley.  In addition, she will create and make available to the residents and employers of the Upper Valley (VT & NH), a booklet consolidating tenant and landlord legal information in an easily accessible format.

Theresa Duong, UVM College of Medicine
Theresa will be working at The NeighborKeepers” Circles of Support program which works towards eliminating the isolation of generational poverty for low-income families within the Burlington community.  The NeighborKeepers” Nutritional Literacy project will develop interactive activities and educational resources on nutrition.  These resources are to be used by the families and their partnered Allies, who are volunteers.  These tools are to provide tactile, interactive education on nutrition and health that requires participation and agency on behalf of the families so that they are able to learn and teach one other.

Ted Elsaesser, Rob Klein and Isaac Leader, UVM College of Medicine
Ted, Rob and Isaac will be working with the Covered Clinic to increase healthcare access to the underserved farming population surrounding Burlington through clinics and educational events. The hope to establish this initiative as a permanent component within the College of Medicine, sustained by future classes of medical students.

Elissa Furutani and Jill Rosno, Dartmouth Medical School
Elissa and Jill will be working with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic to establish a chronic care model for the Good Neighbor Clinic for its diabetic population, specifically focusing on the pillar of patient self-management.   Once the barriers to effective self-management of care have been identified, they will case-manage a dozen or so patients and follow their care on an individual and personalized basis.  In addition, they will run new programs for group sessions at the clinic and hope to enhance
communication between the health care personnel at GNC.

Ari Garber and Rob Johnston, UVM College of Medicine
Ari and Rob will be doing a project that enables current medical students to improve their skill set and knowledge base in LGTBQ issues, by (1) Surveying the beliefs, attitudes and knowledge of LGBTQ health and risk factors of the UVM COM Class of 2011, (2) developing a curriculum that targets the informational gaps garnered from the survey for the Generations course that all medical students take, (3) creating a video and training session for the standardized patient program and the clerkship program that discusses how to appropriately and thoroughly elicit sexual health histories with a focus on LGBTQ issues.

Andrew J. Giustini and Hanna Surawska, Dartmouth Medical School
Andrew and Hanna will be working with the NH Medical Society to promote future physician participation in health policy decisions by informing medical students about current health policy issues and the legislative process, training those students how to become effective advocates, how to monitor and testify on a proposed bill in the New Hampshire State Legislature, and developing a model for teaching health care advocacy in medical schools across the United States. Their goal is to help current medical students become politically active and informed physicians who will have the resources to shape health policy and thus serve patients on a more comprehensive scale.

Abby Gross, UVM College of Medicine
Abby will be working with the Howard Center on a program called Make Life Better.
Make Life Better is a program that encourages the population served by Howard Center to make positive lifestyle changes that will be sustainable and enjoyable.  The focus population is a group of mentally ill residents at a transitional shelter in Burlington, VT. Activities will center on cooking healthy meals, physical activity and the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle.  This program will be created and documented in a way in which it can be repeated in the future and at other residential homes within the Howard Center organization.

Caitlin Johnson and Phil Wagner, Thayer School of Engineering
Caitlin and Phil will be working at FIRST Lego League, a robotics competition designed especially for children ages 9-14, that encourages students to pursue their interests in the sciences and that teaches them skills such as teamwork and innovation.  As Schweitzer Fellows, they plan to increase the number of Lego League teams throughout the Upper Valley of NH and VT, specifically reaching out to girls and schools in low-income areas.  They also plan to strengthen Dartmouth”s ties with the program and make it a sustainable organization that will continue inspiring young students for years to come.

Brian Jones, Vermont Law School
Brian intends to combat the problem of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation; occurrences of which often go unreported, and can have devastating consequences Elderly individuals often encounter a unique position of vulnerability that affects their health and safety.  Brian intends to address this problem through community outreach that will increase awareness and educate.

Katherine Kosman, Dartmouth Medical School
Katherine will be working with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic to analyze the microsystems models of health clinics for the underserved and uninsured across Vermont and New Hampshire, including organizations within the Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured and the Bi-State Primary Care Association.  She will identify the current structures and lessons learned at a sampling of these clinics in terms of scheduling technology, communications, and volunteer training.  Using these findings, she hopes to improve the long-term Microsystems of the local Good Neighbor Health Clinic by effectively implementing the best information technology solutions, improving scheduling approaches, providing training suggestions, and fostering communication amongst volunteers and other clinics.

Tracey Lewis, Vermont Law School
Tracey plans to increase dental health awareness in the Upper Valley area of Vermont.  She will work with area schools, dentists and dental health professionals to inform adults and children of the important connection between their overall health to their dental health status. She plans to conduct outreach seminars and programs to distribute dental care items and information.

Daniel McCabe, Vermont Law School
Daniel will be working with Small Business Compliance Assistance Program to develop a program for emerging auto technicians at Vermont’s technical schools. The program will teach high school and college students about the importance of environmental compliance and give them practical information on how to work in a way that prevents environmental damage.

Mimi Ogawa, UVM College of Medicine
Mimi will be working with the staff and inmates at the Chittenden County facility of the Vermont Department of Corrections in an effort to improve the health outcomes of the inmates. Address prison health in a bidirectional manner by 1) bringing education and wellness into the lives of the prison”s inmates and 2) bringing awareness of prison health to UVM and the local community.

Avni Patel and Erin Washburn, Dartmouth Medical School
Avni and Erin will be working with Manchester Adult Education on a project called “Body Language.”  This project aims to increase the health literacy of the Hispanic community in Manchester by developing an English as a Second Language health curriculum that will educate participants on important health issues that affect this community.  This curriculum will be presented in weekly class sessions and cover subjects such as navigating the American healthcare system, communicating with your
healthcare provider, and learning about preventative health care practices.

Saurabh Vishnubhakat, Pierce Law Center
Saurabh will evaluate information management needs of various community health organizations and develop a flexible, user-friendly set of free website tools which helps meet those needs.  She will help service agencies, who might not be able to afford professional website design services, increase administrative efficiency and organizational continuity by having an attractive and up-to-date web site.

Hanna Wasson, Pierce Law Center
Hanna will be working with the New Hampshire Disabilities Rights Center, conducting in-depth interviews with several families who have expressed concerns with the special education system.  She will collect qualitative research about the negative and also positive trends that the New Hampshire Disabilities Rights Center will be able to use in their legislative advocacy and/or public outreach and awareness campaigns.




Albert Ackil,
Dartmouth Medical School
Mascoma Clinic: Developed new community outreach programs and streamlined operations for the clinic in order to make the yearly turnover of staff more manageable. Compiled an extensive Handbook for the Clinic, which outlines the daily functions of the Clinic, maintained relevant information on local organizations and community contacts, and provided packaged outlines for future clinic projects. Details and resources for alternative clinic programs, fundraising activities, and local volunteer opportunities were compiled centrally so current and future students can easily plan and execute small-scale volunteer days complimentary to the normal clinic functions.

Jennifer Bentwood and Duncan Meiklejohn, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Health Clinic: Initiated a food insecurities screening for every patient who uses the clinic.  This one question screening provided information about the nutritional needs of the patient population and how these needs can be better met. Under the assumption that nutrition is one of the key elements of maintaining physical health, we worked with local community service groups to create town-specific pamphlets on food resources for those who are interested, and provide counseling to better direct needy persons to local resources.

Teresa Casey, Pierce Law Center
Residents Environmental Action Committee for Health: Volunteered at a local law firm that is doing pro bono work for a grassroots organization, REACH. REACH is passing legislation that will prohibit construction and demolition materials, which release quantities of lead and mercury into the environment when burned, from being incinerated in NH.  Organized a panel discussion at Pierce Law School of local attorneys and professionals that are tackling environmental issues.

Cindy Nu Chai, Dartmouth Medical School
DHMC: Provided studio art classes as an elective for Dartmouth Medical School students and doctors; created a volunteer service to conduct art projects with children with chronic medical conditions.

Florence Cornish, Vermont Law School
WISE: Assisted WISE in creating Domestic Violence programs for use in schools in NH and VT, implemented gender specific awareness programs, helped children to speak out about the issue, and helped facilitate the programs at local schools in NH/VT. The programs were designed to make children aware of the resources that they may turn to when suffering from domestic violence either physically or emotionally.

Emilee Drobbin, Vermont Law School
Girl Scouts of America:  Created a program in which Girl Scouts of all ages, in Vermont and New Hampshire, were able to learn about and address the issues associated with domestic violence while earning a patch on this topic.

Nicholas Ellis and Pablo Valdez, Dartmouth Medical School
Educated, exposed, and encouraged inner city adolescents in a Manchester, New Hampshire high school regarding the realities, needs, and benefits of entering into a health care profession.  Conducted a series of conferences and lectures, and provided relevant health care literature; exposed students to medical doctors, nurses and other health professionals, hospitals, and medical students; and provided mentorship through Dartmouth Medical School to these high school students through the Dartmouth Medical School Urban Health Scholars Program.

Luz Felix-Marquez, UVM College of Medicine
Implemented a mobile clinic for migrant workers on Vermont’s dairy farms.  The clinic provided screenings, medical services, referrals to the closest health center, and health education.

Ashifi Gogo, Thayer School of Engineering
White River Elementary School:  Built educational materials for 4th grade students at the White River School in Vermont by recycling high quality surplus materials from the machine shop at Thayer School.  Used these tools to facilitate in-class science demonstrations and help nurture the creativity and interest in science already present in the students. Developed a mentoring relationship between Thayer school students and the young scientists.

William Holt, Vermont Law School
Vermont Forum on Sprawl and VLS Land Use Institute: Educated local residents, government officials, and private business about the benefits of smart growth development. Developed an online community planners’ website including technical and legal materials. Worked directly with local groups to assist them with local planning efforts. Initiated a smart growth seminar at Vermont Law School.

Lucinda Leung and Leslie Morris, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Health Clinic: Addressed the stigma of mental illness in our community by providing direct support to the Good Neighbor Health Clinic’s psychiatric health services, and by enhancing DMS students’ fluency in communicating about mental health issues. Integrated basic mental health screening into all primary care visits at GNHC, and directly supported patient care by initiating a mental health case management service run by Dartmouth medical students.

Emmy Liscord and Abigail Sanders, Dartmouth Medical School
Hartford Middle School: Continued to develop “Lookout,” a mentoring group for middle school girls at Hartford Middle School. Provided the girls with an outlet to discuss the difficult issues that go hand in hand with being a teen by introducing group counseling sessions as well as activities designed to empower young women.

Victoria Lloyd, Vermont Law School
Supported the elimination of lead-based paint exposure and poisoning of children, through the education of families, daycare providers, and general practice medical personnel in Sharon, Bethel, and South Royalton.

David Longstroth and Greta Spottswood, UVM College of Medicine
Outright Vermont, University Pediatrics: Built a partnership between Outright Vermont and University Pediatrics in order to bridge the needs of LGBTQ adolescents and the medical community in Burlington Vermont. Shared what we learned from bridging these two agencies with the UVM medical school community and with Vermont Pediatricians.

David Lukofsky and Phillip Perrinez, Thayer School
Mascoma High School: Implemented an interdisciplinary project at Mascoma Valley Regional High School (MVRHS), which allowed students the opportunity to study an environmental issue of local significance (recycling,) through the design, development, and implementation of a plan to address the issue.  Helped each student invest themselves in his/her community through project ownership. Exposed students to problem solving skills emphasized in engineering, including ethics, creativity, and critical thinking.

Quoc Nguyen, Vermont Law School
Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program: Worked with the Vermont refugee community in negotiation techniques.  Trained elderly, adult, and refugee youth in negotiation techniques in order to reduce intergenerational conflict between refugee youth and their parents or grandparents. Utilized negotiation techniques to minimize unlawful behavior, which may lead to deportation under the new post 9/11 immigration laws.

Shreyan Poudyal, Thayer School of Engineering
Montshire Museum and Rivendell Academy: Facilitated knowledge about health and nutrition in middle school kids.  Identified topics that really matter to the kids, and presented them in a way that was interesting, fostering peer-to-peer teaching as well as formal presentations.

Trevor Pour, UVM College of Medicine
King Street Youth Center:  Developed and implemented a health education component
for the after-school teen drop-in program (ages 11-18).  Educated the teens on health issues relevant to their lives including smoking, exercise, nutrition, first aid; introduced them to health-related careers that are available in the coming years.

Jessica Roche, Pierce Law Center
Worked with high school students with mild disabilities to teach them their rights in the special education process, which involves the development of Individualized Education Plans and transition or vocational (post-graduation) skills/training. By teaching them their rights when they are young, they will develop the self-advocacy skills that are necessary for life.

Arash Saemi and Bledi Zaku, UVM College of Medicine
Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program: Assessed the current understanding of Meskhetian Turkish culture by health care providers in the Burlington community. Identified the practices, beliefs and customs, which might act as barriers to refugees seeking medical care. Facilitated communication and understanding between healthcare providers and the Meskhetian population they serve. In collaboration with the College of Medicine Information Services (COMIS), developed an interactive learning module for health care providers via the online College of Medicine Education Tools (COMET).

Heidi Schumacher, UVM College of Medicine
Pearl Street Clinic: Conducted a needs assessment and developed an action plan for the Pearl Street Clinic, the health clinic for homeless teens in Burlington, in order enable the clinic to better serve its clients through improved outreach, collaboration with other community agencies, utilization of existing community resources, and diversity of
program offerings. Developed a lasting connection between PSC and the College of Medicine, with opportunities for ongoing medical student involvement in the clinic”s efforts.

Micaela Tucker, Vermont Law School
The Family Place:  Developed curriculum and resources for Families Learning Together, a program that helps parents gain the skills to envision, plan for, and achieve goals commensurate with living an independent and fulfilling life with their children, in turn reducing community risk factors associated with teen pregnancy.  Entitled “Creating Future Stories” this project documented the existing curriculum, created a resource guide for use by The Family Place staff; coordinated new mentoring, career planning, and legal access components, and directly served participants in the program.

Darcy Arendt and Fred Crow, Dartmouth Medical School
Latin American Center:  Connected members of the Hispanic community in Manchester with students interested in healthcare, cross-cultural issues, and Spanish-speaking by creating a cultural competency elective at DMS.  Students gathered information and stories through personal interviewing sessions and provided basic healthcare information and resources. Conducted a health-screening day, which involved more members of both communities.

Gaurab Basu and Sarah Grimm, UVM College of Medicine
Investigated the cultural factors influencing the treatment of HIV positive Congolese and Somali refugees in Burlington, VT. Gathered information through focus groups and interviews, and implemented interventions for both health professionals and the refugee population to bridge the cultural gaps currently affecting care.

Meghan Campbell, Vermont Law School
Vermont Feed: Integrated locally grown organic food into the South Royalton School”s cafeteria menu. Educated students about where their food comes from and how it was grown.  Students also had the opportunity to grow some of their own fruits and vegetables, and to choose which new foods they want to add to the menu.

Narath Carlile and Gerard G. Carroll, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Clinic: Worked with underserved patients who need sleep studies, equipment, and support in navigating the health care system. Followed them as they began treatment and provided resources to help them succeed. Developed a Sleep Medicine Resource at the Good Neighbor Clinic.

Elizabeth Donick, Vermont Law School
South Royalton Rescue Squad:  Responded to ambulance calls and emergencies. Helped recruit volunteers from VLS and the community by teaching medical/healthcare education courses the rescue squad offers, mad e a presentation about health and fire safety.

Lystra Hayden, UVM College of Medicine
Neonatal Follow-up Program for Opiate Exposed Newborns at Fletcher Allen Hospital, Vermont Child Health Improvement Project”s Improving Care for Opiate-exposed Newborns Program (VCHIP”s ICON program) and The Chittenden Center”s Methadone Maintenance Program: Developed and implemented an incentive program for opiate–addicted mothers and infants receiving treatment, aimed at increasing awareness about child development. Improved the facilities for children and breast-feeding mothers at the Chittenden Center where daily treatment is delivered.

Dung (Zune) Huynh, UVM College of Medicine
Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger (VTCECH): Developed and implemented a study exploring the nutritional knowledge, attitudes, and possible socio-cultural barriers to long-term success for participants in VTCECH”s “Cooking for Life” nutritional program. Modified the nutritional curriculum to more effectively serve participants’ needs.

Daniel Kaser, Dartmouth Medical School
Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth: Developed a sustainable Arts in Medicine curriculum at DMS that introduces medical students to the fundamentals of studio art through elective offerings, and trains them as community facilitators to lead art projects for chronically ill or disabled children.  These arts initiatives were hosted by the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, David’s House, the Steps Toward Adult Responsibility (STAR) program, and Sibshop.  Original art will be displayed in various formats, including a calendar and mural.

Virginia Van Duyne and Russell Meyer, UVM College of Medicine
Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (VCCU): Analyzed and reported the data that the clinic has collected since 1996. Provided not only useful analyzed data but also a reproducible statistical template for the clinics to ultimately attain funding and to better meet the needs of their patients.

Natasha Moodie, Vermont Law School
Brookside Nursing Home:  Increased awareness of elder abuse by working closely with a local nursing home in Vermont.  Implemented a companion program that encourages young adults to visit elderly residents and to create an outlet for them to provide meaningful and stimulating activities with the elderly. Developed workshops on elder law at Vermont Law School.

Jessica A. Morgan and Emily Rubin, Dartmouth Medical School
Hartford Middle School:  Developed a one-to-one mentoring program that paired Dartmouth Medical School students with adolescents from underserved areas in the Upper Valley. Particular emphasis was placed on teenagers who are at risk of dropping out of school before earning a high school diploma.  The goal of the program was to offer academic, social, emotional and other types of support to Upper Valley adolescents who were struggling academically, socially or otherwise.

Rose Mutiso and Kristen Lurie, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College
Fostered middle-school-aged girls” interest in science and engineering. Partnered with FIRST (“For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”), an organization that runs elementary to high school level robotics competitions, Dartmouth College”s Society of Women Engineers and schools in the Upper Valley. Assisted in the organization and subsequent expansion of New Hampshire Girl”s Connect, a robotics day camp for girls. Sponsored, trained and mentored an all girl team comprising of girls from Hanover Street School to compete in the annual FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition in December.

Gilda Ngo, UVM College of Medicine
Community Health Center of Burlington, Women Helping Battered Women: Through surveys and focus groups, assessed and identified the barriers preventing the Vietnamese-American population from accessing healthcare and resources for domestic violence. Researched models of existing programs that address these barriers.  Developed/adapted to fit CHC and WHBW.

Kara Podkaminer and Clara Smith, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College
Sharon Academy: Worked with a local high school to implement an environmentally focused, problem-based project. The project engaged students in solving a real-life environmental problem that allows the integration of traditional academic fields not usually associated with science.  Stressed the comprehensive nature of environmental problems and the events that occur due to lifestyle choices and encouraged students, especially women, to enter the fields of science and engineering in the future.

Carolyn Presley and Claire Langran, Dartmouth Medical School
Willow Grove, The Haven, Headrest: Developed and implemented a sustainable educational curriculum for a life skills course for Upper Valley women who are in early recovery from alcohol and other drug dependency.  The skills taught in this curriculum helped enable these women to maintain recovery and quality sobriety.

Laura Reed, Boston College of Nursing
Lebanon Housing Authority: Reached out to elderly living within the community of the Upper Valley who were in need of medical and supportive services to help maintain their independence and ability to remain living at home as long as possible before entering a nursing home. Researched a current program more common in urban areas called PACE, Program of All-inclusive Care of the Elderly, and networked with existing community resources to establish a PACE program in the Upper Valley.

Sharie Robinson, Vermont Law School
Have Justice, Will Travel and The Family Place: Volunteered at the Family Place with supervised visitations, identified the impact of domestic violence on children.  Researched and identified Vermont’s statutes regarding child custody and developed a proposed new statute that determines expanded guidelines and standards for child custody of perpetrators of domestic violence.

Elizabeth Sack, Dartmouth Medical School
Increased awareness of end-of-life care among medical students and the community. Continue the Palliative Care elective started by two Schweitzer Fellows, and established this as a permanent part of the curriculum at Dartmouth Medical School. In addition, created a volunteer program with the artist in residence program at DHMC, which will give medical students an opportunity to learn firsthand about end-of-life issues while providing companionship and support to patients.

John Sautter, Vermont Law School
Sustainable Energy Resource Group: Provided environmental consulting with this local energy-cooperative devoted to promote increasing energy efficiency. The group jointly procures heating oil and propane, renewable energy sources, as well as energy efficiency products and services.  Worked with individual families to make their homes more energy efficient as well as analyzed which home sustainability practices have been most effective for the group members in the past.

Luke Webster, Pierce Law Center
Teen Court: Facilitated Teen Court, a program created by the American Bar Association and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to train youth volunteers to participate in local youth court programs.  Teen Court gives youth court respondents the opportunity to be represented and tried by their peers. The program helps those participating avoid engaging in crimes in the future and gives youth volunteers a better understanding of our judicial system through training sessions and a real courtroom experience. Teen Court also motivates youth volunteers to continue to challenge societal problems, engage in their civic duties and better society

Mandy Wingard, Vermont Law School
Vermont Refugee Assistance: Createed a teaching and training module for both health and legal service providers with information about what issues affect the mental health of refugees, how traditional mental health services may not be sufficient for refugees, and how to address these problems.

Allison Binkowski and Rachel Rackow, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with school nurses, health educators, athletic coaches, parents and students,  to develop and implement a curriculum to increase eating disorder education and awareness in rural high schools. Linked school personnel and other interested parties with the available resources in the Upper Valley for treating eating disorders. Brought a more comprehensive view of treatment for eating disorders to the Dartmouth Medical School curriculum.

Maryellen Cleary and Monica Patton, UVM College of Medicine
Worked with the Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (VCCU) to analyze data regarding healthcare services and patient visits. Evaluated how member clinics serve the health care needs of the uninsured in Vermont.  This information enabled VCCU to better target the healthcare needs of their clients and improve the services they offer.

Andy Cronin and Rusty Phillips, Dartmouth Medical School
Documented, through a video recorded interview, the military service of the veterans and civilians at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in White River Junction, VT in an effort to better understand the patient population being served. Created a video montage of all of the interviews as an introduction to a presentation on what it means to be a veteran. Focused on how the veteran’s service has influenced their mental, physical, and social health, and how practitioners can use this knowledge to improve health care services for this population.

Christopher Curtis, Vermont Law School
Established an ongoing Vermont Recovery Association Project (V-RAP). V-RAP educated the public about the needs of the recovery community; issued a report identifying treatment resources currently available in Vermont and making recommendations for improvements; explored the establishment of a mentorship program designed to reduce recidivism, while encouraging active engagement from leaders within the recovery community.

Natalia Diaz, Vermont Law School
Helped underserved youth in the South Royalton area stay in school and set high goals for themselves through mentoring and tutoring.

Katie Duke, Vermont Law School
Taught yoga techniques to children and teenagers through the Randolph Boys and Girls Club and other area organizations that serve youth.  Helped young people to become aware of the long lasting benefits of calm, focus, energy and fitness in their lives.

James Huang and Viktoria Totoraitis, UVM College of Medicine
Educated youth in Burlington high schools and colleges about the biology, social issues and global impact of HIV/AIDS in an effort to raise awareness of and de-stigmatize the disease. Expanded effort to include the whole community by assisting in the promotion of the Burlington AIDS Walk and World AIDS Day and organizing an HIV week and HIV/AIDS lecture at the University of Vermont School of Medicine.

Daniel Kaser, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed a sustainable Arts in Medicine curriculum at DMS that introduces medical students to the fundamentals of studio art through elective offerings, and trains them as community facilitators to lead art projects for chronically ill or disabled children.  These arts initiatives were hosted by the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, David’s House, the Steps toward Adult Responsibility (STAR) program, and Sibshop.  Original art was displayed in various formats, including a calendar and mural.

Heidi Keup and Andrew Saunders, Dartmouth Medical School
Through the palliative care program at DHMC and Hospice of VT and NH, paired medical students with end of life patients in the Upper Valley. Exposed medical students to end-of- life care and issues, while providing practical help and compassionate companionship to patients in the last stages of life.

Shannon Keyes and Michelle Wolfenden, Pierce Law Center
Continued to develop and expand Pierce Pals, a program which pairs Pierce Law students with local learning disabled students as mentors.

Sophia Kuo, UVM College of Medicine
Raised awareness of sustainability, waste reduction, and composting among students in the Burlington High School.   Developed visual tools and activities to demonstrate the magnitude of waste produced, ways to reduce waste, and why it is important to reduce waste. Designed food-composting programs for Burlington area schools.

Nathaniel Link and Zoe Unger, Dartmouth Medical School
Brought speakers and workshops to the New Hampshire State Prison for women, aimed at maintaining and improving personal health. Promoted a greater sense of well-being and personal empowerment by offering opportunities for creative expression through writing and art classes. Developed resources for inmates after their release, which addressed issues such as future housing and employment. Brought the project to the Youth Development Center, a facility for troubled youth ages 12-17.

Ashlee Logan and Rahim Nazeralli, Dartmouth Medical School
Addressed the obesity epidemic by providing nutritional counseling and physical activity programs that targeted overweight youth in the New Hampshire Upper-Valley area. Promoted healthy living and lifestyle choices that will continue throughout the lives of the children involved.

Harper Marshall, Vermont Law School
Researched, developed and implemented a risk management policy for the Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured to give the clinics the charitable immunity status they desperately need.

Sanchit Maruti, UVM College of Medicine
Conducted a pilot program, the My Voice-Print [MVP] Project, designed to record the stories, ideas, and experiences of terminally ill patients in their own voices. This project provided the participants with a sense of purpose, allowed them to leave another element of their legacy for their loved ones, and hopes to allow them to reconcile many experiences with their families and loved ones.

John McGowan, Vermont Law School
Joined the effort to address the affordable housing crisis in the Upper Valley region.  Provided direct service by involving more VLS students in Habitat for Humanity; participated in advocacy work through the Upper Valley Housing Coalition (UVHC); brought the knowledge, awareness and involvement of the UVHC to Vermont Law School.

Grace Overmeyer, Pierce Law Center
Revitalized Teen Court, a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for juveniles who have committed a crime or violation.  The goal of Teen Court is to intervene early in anti-social and delinquent behavior while promoting self-esteem, a desire for self-improvement, and a healthy attitude towards rules and authority.

Katie Whalen, UVM College of Medicine
Fletcher Allen Hospital of Burlington discharges over 100 homeless patients to unstable living environments every year.  This project worked toward the creation of a facility for short-term stays dedicated to those patients who no longer require hospitalization, but are in need of greater care than is available at the local shelter.

Erika Wright, Vermont Law School
The “Arts in Action” after-school arts project fostered continual community interaction between students at Vermont Law School and local youth, ages 12-17.  Using current social issues that teens care about as a context for learning, the program provided a venue for discussion, debate, and most importantly artistic expression through creative writing and theatre in a motivating and supportive environment.  The project culminated in a community performance at the Vermont Law School Solutions Conference, which takes place annually in mid-April.

Folasade O. Ajayi and Shideh Shafie Ardestani,
Dartmouth Medical School
Promoted cultural competency in the medical school curriculum, with the ultimate goal of creating a database for students to consult in the future when issues of diversity arise.  Through seminars and workshops, brought to light the issues of multiculturalism in medicine and to provide concrete strategies for dealing with patients from diverse backgrounds.

Eric Arehart and Dorothea Torti, Dartmouth Medical School
Incorporated a hands-on art experience into children”s inpatient and outpatient therapy through art groups for patients at the Children”s Hospital at Dartmouth, providing a way for patients of CHaD to express themselves in a widely distributed context that is not bound by their hospital experiences. Created a sustainable internet-based art forum for pediatric patients of CHaD. Established a rotating exhibition of patient work on the campus of Dartmouth Medical School.

Seamus Boyce, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Developed a multilateral special education initiative with an objective to create a cooperative, cross-mentoring network among parents, educators, attorneys, legislators, administrators, and developmentally disabled students in central New Hampshire.

Audrey Collins and Kate Weingartner, UVM College of Medicine
Investigated the health beliefs/practices and experience with the medical system of the Congolese immigrant community. Partnered with local health providers and the Health Department to identify needs from their perspective. Educated immigrants and their health providers to promote cultural understanding and healthy practices.

Jackie Docko, Franklin Pierce Law Center
Worked with several community based organizations in the Concord area (Family Health Center, Center for Health Promotion) to produce and provide a dental education program for expectant couples/families as well as new parents. Focused on prevention of bottle rot syndrome and early access to dental care.

Valeria Gheorghiu, Vermont Law School
Collected used books for a local school library, in conjunction with the VLS legal book drive, which annually ships 600 – 1000 lbs of donated legal texts to Romania and India. Taught local school kids the importance of cultural diversity and responsible participation in a global society by teaming up with a Romanian school.  Through e-mail and writing, the students worked on a socio-environmental survey of their communities and explored issues of development and our parts as American citizens.

Alexandra Goncalves, Vermont Law School
Established an after school cultural arts program for the youth of South Royalton Vermont ages 11-14.  The Arts and Communities Together (ACT) program focused on cultivating the artistic expression of its participants concerning social and cultural issues and their effect on the lives of today”s youth, ultimately nourishing the thoughts and ideas and voices of the next generation”s potential leaders.

Monica Kwan, Lara Hilton and Meredith Mowitz, UVM College of Medicine
Expanded Project AHEd (Adolescent Health Education), a program that provides health education and outreach to adolescents in underserved communities. Fostered an environment of tolerance among our students and facilitated discussions on topics such as puberty, nutrition, mental health and substance use and abuse. The Project AHEd curriculum provided teens with the education they need to make healthy decisions and decrease high-risk behaviors.

Mia Hockett, UVM College of Medicine
Implemented components of a chronic care management program for patients with diabetes at Burlington”s Pine Street Clinic, a facility serving low income Vermonters. Program components included patient focus groups, compiling community resources, and a performance improvement initiative with the clinic”s residents.

Thai Lan Tran and Kelly Huynh, UVM College of Medicine
Translated and conducted a healthcare needs assessment aimed at the Vietnamese population in Burlington by surveying patients at the Community Health Center, local clinics, private practices, and individuals not currently using any medical services. Utilized the information gathered to develop appropriate health education materials. Designed and taught health education classes at the Community Health Center geared towards the needs identified in this population.

Patrick Ladapo, Dartmouth Medical School
Helped community members achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Worked with the “Upper Valley Trails for Life” and physicians at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, designed exercise treatments for patients that can be integrated into a hectic daily schedule.

Olga Lemberg and Maricruz Merino, Dartmouth Medical School
Brought healthcare, self-improvement and self-awareness workshops to inmates at a women”s prison in the NH/VT area. Served as a liaison between the prison and the medical community, setting up one session per month to be taught by a local healthcare worker on a topic chosen by the women. Educated the medical community (including fellow students) about the major issues faced by this segment of the population with the goal of reducing health disparities and the stigma of prison populations.

Cristina Lopez, Vermont Law School
At the Good Neighbor Health Center, empowered diabetic patients with the knowledge and tools necessary to control their condition and live longer, healthier lives; improved screening of incoming patients for pre-diabetic symptoms; developed new local leadership and state dialogue between GNHC and VT Department of Health.

Anjali Mahoney and Amanjit Sekhon, UVM College of Medicine
Through Project Rescue, provided health education materials translated into the respective languages of the refugee populations that currently have the greatest health and cultural needs: Serbo-Croatian, Russian, French, Vietnamese and Somali Bantu.  Organized events to increase the awareness of health professionals and the community about specific refugee health and cultural issues.

Lisa Norlander, Dartmouth Medical School
Improved the oral health of children and adults in the Upper Valley. Assembled a team of volunteer dental auxiliaries, students, and community members who are willing and able to provide instruction on basic oral health to those who don’t have regular access to dental care, targeting mothers and children at community based centers such as the Upper Valley Haven Family Shelter, Listen Center Community Dinners, and Hannah House.

Sara Parsowith, Vermont Law School
Built a Wilderness Therapy Program devoted to providing children, adolescents, and adults experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties with an alternative mental health treatment method. A collaborative effort between outdoor educators and clinical professionals.

Carrie L. Pistenmaa, Sarah A. Taylor, and Janneke A. Volkert, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed a program that promotes healthy lifestyles by organizing opportunities for physical activity and by providing education, motivation and support to individuals wanting to improve their dietary and exercise habits.  The project was designed to work with the families living in a housing development in Lebanon, NH.

Katie Rebholz, Vermont Law School
Fostered a sense of leadership, commitment, and ownership in the youth of our communities, by establishing a relationship between the young people and Habitat for Humanity. Helped our communities improve not only by building decent, affordable homes for those in need but also by encouraging a younger generation to get out into the world and make a difference.

Natasha Rybak and Sharon A. Silveira, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed Patient Perspectives, a program to promote interaction among local support groups and medical students through a yearlong series of informal forums with topics correlated to the medical curriculum.  These forums provided the opportunity for diversified patient groups to share their medical experiences with students who are yearning for more patient interaction.  In addition, this medium empowers patients by providing them with answers to their medical questions while also promoting discussion and education about the community”s essential medical needs.

Marli Amin and Joyce Libunao,
UVM College of Medicine
Lund Family Center: Designed and implemented nutritional education classes for pregnant and parenting young women in the Burlington community.  The curriculum focused on the prevention of eating disorders, and provide support for the young women currently battling these disorders.

Leslie Bradford, Laura Cecchi, Beth Cronin, UVM College of Medicine
Project AHed (Adolescent Health Education): At Winooksi Middle School and the Center Point School, connected medical students with middle school students by teaching a health and wellness curriculum. Involved students in their own heath education and to empower them to make well informed, mature decisions about their own health and well-being.

Meghan Duff, Antioch New England
Brattleboro Boys and Girls Club: Designed and ran one evening of after school programming for area youth. Help the Club with program development and community networking to better serve the area”s needs.

Joseph Dwaihy, Dartmouth Medical School
Hospice VNH: Provided companionship and conversation to Hospice and Palliative Care patients–particularly patients who are dying alone. Wrote and published a book based on their life stories and his experience with them during the end of their lives.

Elizabeth B. Eisenhardt, Dartmouth Medical School
Offered ballet classes to the Dartmouth Medical School community, to introduce the basics of ballet, flexibility/tone fitness, and music appreciation. In addition to the benefits of exercise, provided the community with some relaxing and artistic time in which to meditate. Organized a student dance troupe to perform at local hospitals and senior centers.

Susan Hackler, Vermont Law School
Have Justice-Will Travel: In collaboration with Vermont mobile legal clinic Have Justice Will Travel, worked with local health practitioners to evaluate the health care needs of women who are associated with a history of domestic violence.

Krista Heydt and Emily Walker, Dartmouth Medical School
Good Neighbor Health Center: Developed a cardiovascular risk screening and education program. Worked with medical students to support patients in making “heart healthy” lifestyle changes through individualized counseling and ongoing collaboration.

Christopher Jons and Katrina Mitchell, Dartmouth Medical School
Dartmouth Center for Addiction, Recovery and Education: Started a peer support group for teenagers struggling with emerging drug and alcohol issues.  Recruited students from throughout the Upper Valley, provide a forum for “at-risk” teens to address common concerns in a positive, non-punitive atmosphere. Through regular meetings, plus social activism and community service activities, created a community of hope where members helped each other deal with the inevitable struggles of adolescence and recovery.

Emily Lamond, Vermont Law School
VT Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured: In response to the growing costs and decreased availability of insurance, researched and drafted charitable immunity legislation. Helped the medical clinics that provide health care for VT residents without health insurance to obtain liability insurance for their volunteers and administrators at a reasonable cost.

Amy Manzelli, Vermont Law School
South Royalton School: Developed a student-driven and community-supported organic garden in South Royalton, VT.

Elizabeth Padgett, UVM College of Medicine
Fletcher Allen Health Center: Enhanced patient quality of life at Fletcher Allen adult oncology treatment facilities by enhancing the environment, with artwork and patient recreational resources– what”s good for the mind is good for the body.

Vince Pearson, Vermont Law School
Clara Martin Center: Enhanced the level of care for persons with persistent and severe mental illnesses by compiling a protocol to help healthcare providers better understand the impact of new federal regulations on mental health care access and patient privacy issues.

Dyanne Phillippe and Anu Vijay, UVM College of Medicine
Vermont Department of Health, Community Health Center, VT Lung Association: Assessed the quality of the health care and access as well the prevalence of certain illnesses (i.e. asthma) and adequate vaccinations in minority and refugee children in Chittenden County, VT.  In addition, worked with local community health organizations to better strategize outreach and education programs for these populations.

Joanne Romano, UVM College of Medicine, Burlington Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS): Implemented a comprehensive nutrition program to address the nutrition needs of homeless men and women. Program included one-on-one nutrition counseling, group workshops, and cooking demonstrations for those living in the COTS shelter system. The curriculum modules and lesson plans were circulated for use by other homeless services organization.

Shirin Sioshansi and Roy Wade, Jr., Dartmouth Medical School
Created and implemented a cultural competency program at Dartmouth Medical School.  This program equipped and empowered DMS students with the ability to provide the best possible healthcare to their patients regardless of the color of their skin or cultural background.

Julie Alosi,
UVM College of Medicine
Connected medical students with young adolescents in the community by teaching a heath and wellness curriculum in Burlington middle schools.

Jean Andersson-Swayze, UVM College of Medicine
At the Dale Correctional Facility in Waterbury, VT, assessed the health education needs of the inmates and addressed gaps in the services provided to them through a series of workshops.  Put together a handbook containing information on community health resources to be given to women upon their release.

Forest Bell, Vermont Law School
Through Second Growth in Lebanon, NH, served as an advocate for juvenile offenders and compiled a manual on alternative ways to deal with juvenile offenders.  The manual was designed to provide lawyers, schools and counselors the knowledge and means to help kids avoid future problems.

Sara Berthiaume, David Brown, and Spencer Hanes, Vermont Law School
Continued the ongoing effort to establish an Environmental Law Clinic at Vermont Law School to serve as resource and advocate for local communities and individuals facing public health and environmental problems.

Selin Caglar, John Chapin, and Arash Koocheck, UVM College of Medicine
Working with the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program assessed the health related needs and concerns of the current Vermont refugee population .  Educated health care providers about cultural barriers to health care among local refugees.

Catherine Donnelly, Vermont Law School
Assisted victims of domestic violence and their children from the initial interview and relief from abuse order through the courts and to independence through Have Justice-Will Travel an innovative mobile legal assistance program to low-income rural women and children.

Salwa Khan, UVM College of Medicine
Established database and reporting tool for the hotline service at Women Helping Battered Women, Inc., the largest service in Vermont created to support victims of domestic violence.

Heather Lam, Vermont Law School
Under the auspices of BOAST (Building our Assets for a Safer Tomorrow) provided direction and support to the students of local communities in creating, organizing, building and carrying out useful community-oriented service projects.  Enhanced and promoted service values while providing leadership opportunities to young students.

Shilpa Lamda and Nicholas Osborne, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed and implemented the Patient Partnership Program, a service learning program in which Dartmouth Medical students were paired with individuals from the Upper Valley community facing a long-term health-related challenge such as chronic illness or cancer.

Malaika Little and Brian Tang, UVM College of Medicine
Increased student awareness and participation with community health organizations early in their medical school careers through structured direct service activities.  Enhanced both the students’ education and overall learning environment of the medical school while also providing much needed assistance to local community agencies.

Amy Noack, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed an outreach program in the Enfield/Canaan area for the Good Neighbor Health Center, a health clinic for uninsured individuals in the Upper Valley.

Urvi Pajvani, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with West Central Behavioral Health in Lebanon, to raise awareness about teen suicide.  Designed and implemented a program through local schools to educate adolescents better about the signs of depression and raise awareness of existing resources in the community for teens battling depression.

Anthony Perrone, Dartmouth Medical School
Through The Family Place in Lebanon, NH, wrote children’s book about issues relating to safety and privacy for children. This book is used for educational purposes by counselors working with at risk children.

Christine Swartz, UVM College of Medicine
Established a website for gay. lesbian. bisexual, transgender and questioning youth to distribute information about issues which put the youth at high risk, such as suicide, substance abuse, unhealthy weight management, depression, etc.

Kristen Thornton, Dartmouth Medical School
Under the auspices of Hospice, VNH, worked with families of terminally ill patients as they planned for the critical decisions that surround the death of a patient. She held community workshops on establishing advanced directives. She designed and implemented an “aftercare” program, providing support to grieving families after the death of a loved one.

Justin Wheeler, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with Outright, in Manchester, to design educational materials and programs that addressed other psychosocial and public health issues for gay and lesbian adolescents. Pertinent issues in this area include gender identity, the coming out process, friends and family, teen suicide, physical abuse and talking about sexual identity with peers.

Lisa Alferes and Priti Patel, UVM College of Medicine
Facilitated the interaction between medical students and under-served pregnant women in the Burlington community. Provided social support and role models to pregnant women who have limited access to care and community resources. Helped students gain an appreciation for the medical and social challenges that many women may face during their pregnancy.

Samara Anderson, Vermont Law School
Provided an opportunity for all children to learn about two crucial aspects of being an aware citizen in our country: first, the ability to actively participate in a team-building atmosphere, and second, the skills needed to help protect the earth and the environment. Empowered children to cooperate as a team and solve problems they may not have been able to solve on their own.

Joy Baldwin, UVM College of Medicine
Created a community based theatrical troupe of volunteers who perform free of charge for people otherwise unable to enjoy a show or desperately need a good chuckle including patients and families in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health related and residential facilities.

Rebecca Boucher and Shannon Storey, Vermont Law School
Provided a forum for the imprisoned women of Vermont to identify and articulate the unique needs that result from their experiences of sexual assault both within and without the state”s correctional system. Worked in collaboration with the women, community groups, and state agencies to develop and implement a sexual assault protocol for use in the Vermont prison system.

Michelle Brandt and Geoff Hand, Vermont Law School
Established an Environmental Law Clinic at Vermont Law School to serve as a resource and advocate for local communities threatened by public health and environmental problems.

Amanjit Dhatt, Dartmouth Medical School
Designed and conducted workshops for the medically underserved in order to promote diabetes prevention for diabetic patients, their families, and patients at risk for developing this disease through the Good Neighbor Health Clinic.

Jeremy Hertzig and Britta Seppi, UVM College of Medicine
Instilled healthy habits in children at a young age and enhanced medical students” abilities to communicate health and prevention messages. Visited local schools and taught young children about the importance of good health through the SMILE DOC program.

Becky Hunt and Shilpa Sayana, UVM College of Medicine
Conducted health education workshops with women prisoners at the correctional facility in Waterbury, VT. Raised the self-esteem of women prisoners by enabling them to take a leadership role in educating peers about health issues.  Educated women about positive choices available o them when they leave the facility.

Steven Lefebvre and Alyson Maloy, UVM College of Medicine
Introduced meditative techniques into pediatric and adult palliative care facilities as a source of non-medicinal pain-management and spiritual exploration, healing and closure for patients and families. Educated medical students in the area of palliative care and pain management.

Catherine Lenkoski, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with the women at Hannah House in Lebanon, NH., throughout their pregnancy to help them understand the changes in their bodies. Supported them while they were in labor as a DOULA (labor support) and taught parenting classes.

Shannon Lucas, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked as a health educator with the Women-to-Women Program, a project of the New Hampshire Minority Health Coalition, to help Latina women learn about health care issues and help them access the U.S. health care system.

Gerrie Mournian, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with local area agencies to compile and circulate a cookbook of low-cost, nutritionally balanced recipes oriented toward individuals and/or families living on a fixed income.  Implemented a series of after-school cooking classes for teenagers in the Upper Valley area using recipes from the cookbook. Taught that a healthy and appetizing diet can be achieved for relatively little cost, and provided the opportunity to learn how to plan, shop for, and cook nutritious meals that can then be shared with family and friends.

Shannon Nutt and Laura Wood, Vermont Law School
Protected and improved the overall quality of the White River watershed and the environment and health of the community through which it flows.  Worked with non-profit groups, government agencies, and citizens to research and aid in the development of community-based plans designed to minimize the effects of agriculture related nonpoint source pollution on the local watershed.

Marie Pellizzari, Vermont Law School
Volunteered as an advocate for children caught up in the court system due to divorce/parenting matters, abuse, neglect or unmanageable behaviors through the Guardian ad Litem system.  Encouraged other students and retirees to volunteer for this worthy cause.

Ted Sears, Dartmouth Medical School
Organized and engaged in the direct education of gun owners, healthcare workers, and at-risk populations about risk factors and harm reduction strategies for firearm violence.

Stan Weinberger, Dartmouth Medical School
Designed a resource guide for health and health related services in the Upper Valley in conjunction with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic. Published a pocket guide for low-income residents in the area and to publish a web-based resource.

Christopher Albert and Stephanie Kodish, Vermont Law School
Began their project by assisting in an effort to move six low-income families in the town of Strafford, VT., off of contaminated land at the Elizabeth Copper Mine.  When this goal was accomplished, they joined forces with two Schweitzer Fellows, Heather Spurlock and Matthew Currie who were working to establish an Environmental Law Clinic at Vermont Law School.

Anne Breckenridge, Vermont Law School
Worked with the Guardian ad Litem Program in Orange County, Vermont, which is presently in crisis, to propose a new structure so that the now inaudible voices of children can again be heard and their needs and hopes realized.

Matthew Currie and Heather Spurlock, Vermont Law School
Worked with students, faculty, administration and community members on the continuing effort to establish an Environmental Law Clinic at the Vermont Law School.

Brian Dempsey and Franz Lepionka, UVM College of Medicine
Researched issues involved in gun control policies, and conducted workshops to raise awareness of gun violence issues.

Renee Fay-LeBlanc, UVM College of Medicine
Organized the Home Visitor Volunteer program, in which medical students provide home care and companionship to recovering stroke patients.  The program provided respite for primary care givers, companionship for patients and home visiting experience for medical students.

Emily Vail Hannon, UVM College of Medicine
Organized BabyT.I.P.S. (Teaching Information for Parents and Siblings,) a series of parenting and sibling workshops for families with new babies living in or around a lower-income area of Burlington. The workshops were lead by local professionals and included topics such as infant CPR and first aid, dealing with stress, infant feeding and nutrition.

David Leavitt, UVM College of Medicine
Provided “healing visits” to the elderly in nursing homes, to offer care and friendship, and to learn about issues – often not medical -, which concern those confined to nursing homes.

Jason McBean, Dartmouth Medical School
Conducted science workshops with minority kids at an after school center run by the Salvation Army in Manchester, NH.  The goal of this program was to introduce the children to the sciences in a fun and informative manner, to serve as a role model for young minorities and to encourage them to pursue a degree beyond high school.

Robert Nutt, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked to encourage collaboration between parents of deaf children and professionals who treat them. He applied his own personal experience to his concept of most effective training and teaching, for children and their parents.

Katherine O”Donnell, Dartmouth Medical School
Strengthened the program which pairs medical students with special needs children and their families.

Jacqueline Panko and Neil Resnick, UVM College of Medicine
Worked through the Community Health Center in Burlington, VT to raise awareness among medical students and health professionals about the issues involved in providing medical care to the refugee population.

Monica Romanko and Tammy Teller, UVM College of Medicine
Created a workshop series for women at the Dale Correctional Facility in Waterbury, VT. The workshops were conducted by local practitioners and COM faculty and focused on a list of topics generated by the prisoners themselves: depression, eating disorders, contraception, and domestic violence.

Angela Sanchez and Paul Sanchez, Dartmouth Medical School
Wrote a curriculum to serve the pregnant and parenting teens at Hannah House in Lebanon, NH. The “Healthy Moms Healthy Kids” curriculum includes lessons entitled: How do I know When My Baby is Really Sick? Help Your Doctor Help You, Safety in the Home and many others.

Stacey Valentine, UVM College of Medicine
Created the Green Mountain Volunteer Music program, which gathers musicians in the community to perform for terminally ill patients at Fletcher Allen Hospital and at Respite House.

Melissa Woo, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed an anti-smoking curriculum called “Tobacco Talk” for use in elementary schools.  The curriculum was used at the Mt. Lebanon Elementary School in NH and will be disseminated to other elementary school in the local area in the upcoming year.

Manie Beheshti and Vasum Peiris,
UVM College of Medicine
Organized a volunteer program of medical students for the Community Health Center of Burlington, a clinic that provides care for the underserved population of the greater Burlington area, including the homeless and foreign refugees.  The program attempts to assist the CHC in serving the community’s clinical and health education needs, while strengthening the connection between the CHC and the College of Medicine.

Sabrina Bhagwan, Gregg Fine, and Mary Ready, UVM College of Medicine
Created Life Journals with Hospice residents through the Healing at the End of Life Project, to help dying patients to explore and record their lives and to help these patients and their families to communicate and find closure.

Marie Boucher, Vermont Law School
Worked with the Elizabeth Mine Study Group in their efforts to continue various clean-up projects at the Elizabeth Mine in Strafford, VT.  Her work included biological monitoring, educational curriculum development, legal research and historical documentation.

Tim Burdick, Dartmouth Medical School
Designed, built, mapped and advertised a permanent nature trail on the DHMC grounds.  The trail gives DHMC patients, visitors and staff the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves during physically and emotionally difficult times.

Cara T. DeAngelo and Brice Simon, Vermont Law School
Worked to improve community participation in local democratic decision making processes by providing legal and factual information to assist a group of residents of Sharon, VT, concerned about a proposed propane transfer station in their community that threatened their way of life.

Jennifer Hewett and Benjamin Nordstrom, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed a community service group that paired interested medical students with children and their families in the hematology / oncology unit at DHMC.

Lisa Inman, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with the Task Force on Eating Disorders in New Hampshire to research resources for individuals with anorexia nervosa and participated in a conference for practitioners on the topic of anorexia nervosa.

Laxmi Kondapalli, UVM College of Medicine
Provided support to Rett patients and their families in the Burlington area.

Jessica Smith, Vermont Law School
Created and implemented a mentoring program at the Hannah House, a residence for pregnant and parenting teenagers in Lebanon, NH. The program matched adult women in the community with a resident of Hannah House, with the goal of building a trusting relationship through which to share life experiences and develop a friendship.

Christine Murphy, Vermont Law School
Created a senior service center to enhance the aging populations” contact with their communities.

Amy Orff Martel, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with the Capital Region Family Health Center to establish a free health clinic in Pittsfield Middle High School staffed by second and third year residents from the NH Dartmouth Family Practice Residency. By the end of the year over sixty kids had used the clinic services, many uninsured kids had been enrolled in the NH Healthy Kids, an affordable state insurance program, and even more kids had been linked to a primary care physician to provide a medical “home.”

Mara Rendi, Dartmouth Medical School
Started an “Outdoors Club” as part of the tenth grade teen health class at Lebanon High School. She introduced students to a variety of wilderness experiences, basic first aid and safety techniques and encouraged discussion of numerous teen health issues and provided an open forum for students to talk about difficult issues they are facing.

Katherine Sang-eun Rhee, Dartmouth Medical School
Helped adolescent girls at the Headrest program in Lebanon, NH, to build self-esteem, communication skills and self-confidence through participation in outdoor activities, art, journal writing and group discussion.

Cynthia Yang, Dartmouth Medical School
Recruited and trained medical students to be smoking cessation counselors at the Live Free Smoke Free clinic at DHMC.  She also established a smoking prevention program at Hartford Middle School and brought medical students to the school to teach classes and meet with individual students to help them make a plan to quit smoking.

David Young, UVM College of Medicine
Continued the work of Schweitzer Fellow, Monique Tello, to further develop the needle exchange program in Burlington, VT, through continued education of local and state authorities and the state legislature.

Tawnya L. Bowles,
Dartmouth Medical School
Volunteered at the Good Neighbor Health Clinic in White River Junction, VT, as clinic manager In addition, she designed community outreach projects to deliver health education and information about clinic services in unconventional settings in the community (supermarkets, community events) and she recruited Dartmouth medical students to strengthen operations at the clinic.

Michael Bradley, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with the H.E.A.R.T. program (Health Education and Rescue Training) at Dartmouth to teach monthly community-wide classes on basic CPR techniques and to promote primary prevention of sudden cardiac death.  They worked to ensure solid finding and recruit student participants as instructors in the H.E.A.R.T. program.

Heidi Hallonquist and Judy Richardson, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with the Teen Assessment Project (TAP) to identify and address teen risk behaviors.  She developed a pocket guide to Health Resources for Teens in the Upper Valley, which has since been published and been distributed through school counselors and health clinics too over 15,000 teens in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Brian Herrick, Dartmouth Medical School
Collected and compiled data on the use and perception of tobacco at Dartmouth College and worked to develop and administer the “Nobacco Grant” program to Dartmouth College students working on tobacco awareness and smoking cessation projects.

Valerie Ljungkvist and Jonathan McDonagh, UVM College of Medicine
Created the H.E.L.P. project (Healing at the End of Life,) a volunteer program and lecture series to further understanding and empathy in medical students toward individuals facing the end of life and issues of death and dying.

Marjorie Northrop, Vermont Law School
Continued the work of previous Schweitzer Fellow, Michael Mercer, at the South Royalton High School to promote a service learning requirement and ethic, which encourages volunteerism as well as an educational opportunity.

Jeffery Rupert, Vermont Law School
Developed and presented a series of environmental education programs to South Royalton area schools, designed to create opportunities for students to become involved in conservation activities and a program that allows them to develop an understanding of how humans are part of the environment.

Gillian Salton, Dartmouth Medical School
Continued and expanded on the work of Matt Russell with the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team. She served on the team, and led training to improve search and rescue techniques and recruited members of the local community to be part of their wilderness medicine team.

Rajdeep Singh Sandhu, Dartmouth Medical School
Conducted monthly community-wide classes to teach basic CPR techniques and promote primary prevention of cardiogenic death.

Rachel Solotaroff, Dartmouth Medical School
In an effort to learn about the issues of aging, to foster an ethic of service to our elders, and to forge relationships across generational lines, this project engaged Dartmouth medical students and residents of Kendal at Hanover, a residence for senior citizens, in one-on-one relationships and discussion on issues of aging in society. This project led to the development of a group to revise the DMS curriculum’s approach to geriatric issues.

Monique Tello, UVM College of Medicine
Worked with physicians and public health experts in the Burlington area to research and develop a plan for legalizing needle exchange in order to help stop the transmission of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis as well as help people with addiction get in touch with counselors and treatment programs.  The plan was presented to the Governor of Vermont in the spring of 1999, tried as a pilot program later than year, and has since been signed into law by the Vermont legislature.

Erin Barnes,
Vermont Law School
Worked with students at the Whitcomb Elementary School in Bethel, VT, to foster an understanding and appreciation for their local environments. She designed and taught educational activities that helped children to understand the ecology of the area through field research and investigation within the schoolyard habitat.

Thomas Cors, Vermont Law School,
Using the model established by Diane Henkels, pursued a Good Neighbor Agreement project designed to integrate economic growth and environmental conservation while fostering new business opportunities.

David-Eric Dayton, Vermont Law School
Worked with the AIDS Community resource Network in Lebanon, NH to create several educational programs in the South Royalton, VT, School system exploring sexual education, HIV prevention, sexual awareness, abuse education, depression and suicide prevention and peer counseling.

Laura Therrien Duncan, Dartmouth Medical School
worked as a tutor with teen mothers at Hannah House in Lebanon, NH, while researching programs on teen pregnancy prevention that could be implemented in this area.

Jennifer Eggers and Maya Mitchell, Dartmouth Medical School
Worked to enhance the treatment of women currently battling cancer in the Upper Valley by providing vigorous outdoor experiences of hiking and exploring the wilderness, to discover the benefits of mind-cleansing and strength-building physical activity.

Juliette Gustin, Dartmouth Medical School
Tutored teens individually and in small groups on a variety of health education issues at Hannah House, a residential home for pregnant and parenting teens, and Planned Parenthood, both in Lebanon, NH.  In addition, she created a web site for Hannah House.
Allison Harbour, UVM College of Medicine
Working with the Vermont Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, she developed a resource manual for people diagnosed with the early stages of the disease and their families.

Lisa Kujawski, UVM College of Medicine
Working with the American Red Cross, Vermont Cares and the Vermont AIDS Education Network, developed S.T.A.T.S. (Students Teaching Aids to Students,) an educational program dedicated to teaching youth about HIV/AIDS. With a team of medical students, she presented the program at a variety of setting in the Burlington area, including schools, colleges campuses, and rehabilitation centers.

Jose Antonio-Lopez, UVM College of Medicine
Organized a series of community lectures on health education and healthy living for the residents of the Old North End of Burlington in an attempt to facilitate communication between these underserved individuals and the University of Vermont medical facilities.

Michael Mercer, Vermont Law School
Worked with the students and faculty at South Royalton High School to introduce the concept of service learning techniques into the curriculum and to involve students in environmental service learning projects.

Jennifer Reidy, UVM College of Medicine
Worked to implement a preventative health program emphasizing exercise healthy eating and  smoking cessation, at the People’s Health and Wellness Clinic in Barre, which serves uninsured and underinsured people from 36 towns in Vermont.

Matthew Russell, Dartmouth Medical School
Assisted in the development of competent search and rescue resources in the region by organizing, training and educating individuals to be part of the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team.

Christine Waasdorp, UVM College of Medicine
Coordinated and expanded the SMILE-DOC (Students of Medicine Involved in Local Education) program, developed by Schweitzer Fellow Amy Belisle, 1996-97. Her efforts enabled 35 to 40 UVM medical students to work in the community, to teach children in the elementary school system about their bodies and health prevention while enhancing the students” abilities to communicate appropriate health and prevention messages in their future practices.

Robert Weinsheimer, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed a health education curriculum based upon a comprehensive needs assessment; began to create a network of support for the Male Offenders Health Education Project (MOHEP.) Students created MOHEP in 1994 and faculty from DMS, with a goal is to empower inmates with information about health care in order to make more informed decisions about their health.

David White, Vermont Law School
Working with the Lake Champlain Basin Science Center, engaged high school students in a study of the water quality of the Winooski River. The students learned valuable computer skills through the use of geographic information systems (GIS) and, as a group. Learned to question their assumption about the environment.

Daniel Wolfson, UVM College of Medicine
Developed “P.L.A.Y.S.A.F.E.” a youth injury prevention curriculum in conjunction with the Central Vermont-New Hampshire Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.  This curriculum has been adopted by various local agencies for their educational outreach programs, including the Wellness Center at Fletcher Allen Health Center and the Burlington City Fire Department. 30,000 copies of his program were printed for distribution at the 1999 International Emergency Physicians’ Medical conference in Montreal.

Abigail Akinyemi,
Dartmouth Medical School
Worked with TEENS COPING in Concord, New Hampshire, to help disabled teens to deal with chronic illness, birth defects and other disabilities, through peer counseling and adult mentoring.

Amy Belisle, UVM College of Medicine
Developed the SMILE-DOC (Students of Medicine Involved in Local Education—Doctors Ought to Care) program at the UVM College of Medicine. In this program, medical students go into Burlington, VT, area elementary schools to teach an eight-week health education course, focusing on preventative medicine and healthy living.

Deanne Dixon, UVM College of Medicine
Created a series of workshops, using skits and role-play to facilitate open discussion, which she carried out with underprivileged teens on issues such as safe sex and alcohol abuse, to encourage “healthy choices.”

Diane Henkels, Vermont Law School
Worked with the Good Neighbor Project for Sustainable Industries to develop a Good Neighbor Agreement  (GNA) between  local communities and companies for their mutual economic and environmental benefit.

Flora Ho Brewington, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed and expanded the scope of the Male Offender’s Health Education Project (MOHEP) curriculum at Dartmouth Medical School.

Nicole Jackson, Dartmouth Medical School
Helped to establish to a dental clinic for low-income persons as a companion to a previously established free health clinic, the Good Neighbor Health Clinic (GNHC).  The Red Logan Dental Clinic opened in August 1996.

Joo Kim , UVM, and Shilpa Patel, UVM College of Medicine
Developed health based English as a Second Language programs for the Vietnamese refugee patients at the Burlington Community Health Center.

Melanie Lawrence, UVM College of Medicine
Provided prenatal and lactation education materials and support services to low-income mothers through several agencies in the Burlington area.  She also organized a curriculum materials and a lecture series for medical students on topics related to childbirth and lactation.

Laura Myers, Dartmouth Medical School
Identified needs and specific program resources for physically and mentally challenged adolescents under the auspices of United Developmental Services of Lebanon, NH.

Mayumi Otsaka, UVM College of Medicine
Developed a series of patient education materials for homeless, runaway and at-risk youth for Spectrum One Stop (SOS), a youth shelter and drop-in center in Burlington, VT.

Rebecca Ramos, Vermont Law School
Worked to further community involvement in the implementation of watershed and river quality protection laws.  She conducted workshops through several local environmental groups, including the UVM extension service, and revised the citizen’s guide to watershed protection.

Danielle Tobia, Dartmouth Medical School
Developed and taught a health awareness program to foster children under the auspices of the Casey Family Services.  This program has become part of the “Partners in Health” program of the Koop institute.

Wynona Ward, Vermont Law School
onducted statistical research on domestic violence in Orange County, Vermont, under the auspices of SAFELINE.  She also produced numerous educational materials to educate victims of domestic abuse and to raise awareness of the problem.

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